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Taylor Pam

Boston, MA - United States

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Dear Collector: Contact artist@taylorpam.com for authentication: for artist signature card (to attach to back of artwork or for valuation records). Original artwork will come with Certificate of Authentication)

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Start in art: “My start in art began with a tear.” I wrote a poem called Alone and drew a figure in charcoal on paper to go with what I have written. Most of my art began with an emotional overtone and evolved into pieces that symbolize hidden moments, feelings, emotions, nature and representations of the past. Serious and simplicity guide me. Using charcoal, oil crayons, acrylic and oil colour, water color and color pencils allowed me to explore a wide range of concepts.

Works on paper – 1022 pieces ranging in size from 2”x4” to 18”x24”.
Works on canvas – 48 pieces ranging in size from 4”x6” to 40”x60”.
Works on masonite - 24 pieces ranging in size from 8'x10' to 20'x20'
Digital Works - 250+ pieces.

Media and genres: I’m fascinated by abstracts that evolve. Nature, religion, sexuality, politics and love are some of the themes that extend in my work.

Working process: Art means life to me. I like to think my art is similar to the life I gave my children. It was necessary. I paint and draw now to keep on living. I do not start a painting with a particular approach or subject in mind; it happens and then I categorize it.

Works in progress: 60”x60” mixed media. (Untitled)

Inspiration for paintings: Some of my best work sometimes comes after creating rather ridiculous pieces, my inspiration is always evolving. Maintaining an art journal has helped to channel the energy that brings out ideas for many of 600 pieces that I have created over the last five years.

Future plans: My future plans include traveling abroad to study art and eventually opening a gallery.


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